Jones Act Lawyer for Injured Seamen

You need an experienced Jones Act Lawyer on YOUR side.

The Jones Act is a federal law passed in the 1920s to help seamen recover damages when injured.

What the Jones Act actually does is provide injured seamen with a right to sue their employer when their employer’s negligence causes the injury.

But it has come to mean much more.

Today when we refer to a seaman’s Jones Act rights, it is a shorthand way of referring to all of a seaman’s rights when injured.

An injured seaman has three fundamental rights when injured:

  1. The right to receive Maintenance and Cure
  2. The right to sue his/her employer for negligence
  3. The right to sue the ship owner for unseaworthiness – a dangerous or defective condition of the ship that causes injury

A seaman is entitled to receive compensation to cover future medical expenses resulting from the problem. To make a claim under the Jones Act, you must qualify as a Jones Act seaman. It is often difficult for maritime workers to determine their status as a Jones Act seaman on their own, which is why you need a Jones Act lawyer.

Contact A Jones Act Lawyer

Employers and ship owners know the law, and have their lawyers and investigators at the ready to protect their interests. If you, your spouse or a loved one has been injured, become ill, or has suffered wrongful death which is in any way related to work on a vessel, you may be eligible for compensation under the Jones Act.

If this is the case, you need an experienced Jones Act Lawyer on your side.

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